Madison Street Wins Major Award

The investment banking and corporate finance industry is a very significant industry that has a major impact on the overall economy. This industry is also full of many different investment banks and corporations that have been in the industry for decades. Because of this, it can often be a challenge for a new organization that is still growing to enter the industry and gain market share. While this can be a challenge for many organizations, one company that was first formed around 10 years ago has continued to develop and grow and has now earned a reputation for being one of the top providers of investment banking and corporate finance services in the world.


Madison Street Capital, which is based out of Chicago, Illinois, was first founded just over 10 years ago. In that time period, but company has continued to develop and grow and now is considered one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to providing mergers and acquisition services as well as a number of different advisory services. In that time period, the Madison Street Capital reputation has developed significantly and many people consider them to be the go-to provider for these types of services.


While Madison Street Capital has always had a strong reputation with its customers, they have also begun to receive more recognition from their peers and others in the industry. In late 2017, a company was named a nominee for a number of prestigious awards for the annual M&A Advisor Awards. The M&A Advisor Awards is one of the top awards programs for those that are in the finance industry and brings together some of the top firms and professionals in the industry.


Madison Street Capital was ultimately determined to be the winner of the debt financing deal of the Year award. This award was provided to the company due to the work it did on a transaction for the company WLR Automotive. The award shows that the company is able to put together some of the most unique debt and Equity transactions in the world. This only helps to further the company’s reputation as it looks to now be considered among the top investment banks across the United States and the rest of the world. The company was also nominated for the Boutique Firm of the Year award, but ultimately did not win despite being named a finalist for the award.


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Securus Technologies Innovations and Progress

Securus Technologies is a communications company that offers communications facilities to over 1.2 million inmates and their families, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations. They are a pioneer in the establishment of communications and they offer quite an array of services.


For example, Securus has not only provided suburb high-quality communications for inmates and their families, but also there have been safeguards instituted in order to protect institutional employees, inmates, and families from potential crimes that could be instituted from these communications facilities.


People are in prison for a reason, and those who are incarcerated will still continue in their nefarious ways. There are systems in place that can track voice prints in order to identify the speaker and thus link it to any plots, plans or attempts to plan crimes and carry them out.


Some of the criminal activities include bringing drugs and alcohol into the prisons, planning criminal acts in coordination with those outside of the prisons and tracking people who have knowledge of crimes that have already been committed. There are also instances of blackmail, threats, and similar activities that have been thwarted.


Identifiable voice prints can be used as evidence in a court of law to bring to justice those who are active in these types of activities. Law enforcement agencies and prison officials are very satisfied that these programs are in existence because of the results that have been achieved in this area.


There are many testimonies where Securus has been lauded for their crime-fighting capabilities. Time and time again they receive a “thank you” from prisons, sheriff’s offices, and police forces for the technology that has prevented crimes or where evidence has been gathered that has helped to solve crimes.


While the communications portion of the program is vital for inmates to communicate to their loved ones, so is the crime-fighting capabilities of the program.


Sussex Healthcare – Specializing In Audiology

A top healthcare institution has announced their partnership with the widely recognized NHS in order to provide exceptionally customized audiology services. Sussex Healthcare is a long term provider of competent and compassionate healthcare for many elderly patients.

This fine healthcare organization is also known for its specialized care for dementia, Alzheimer’s and disabled individuals needing nursing and other care services. Those that work in the audiology field today have to have very specific and specialized training. These professional hearing experts can test the hearing of individuals using a personal approach that enables those with cognitive or other disability issues to be accurately diagnosed for hearing ability.

Sussex Healthcare is often on the cutting edge of newer healthcare and medical technologies able to assist their patient populations. Audiology specialists use highly sensitive hearing tests to get an accurate assessment of an individual’s specific hearing disorder. These experts are then able to work together with Sussex Healthcare employees to come up with a personalized hearing care plan custom designed for each unique individual. Sussex Healthcare realized that many hearing deficient individuals tend to become less involved in social gatherings and previously enjoyed other activities and events. They strive to get to the root of every hearing issue in a timely and most effective manner.

The new audiology services at Sussex Healthcare are helping many to regain their sense of hearing with highly technical hearing assisting equipment. The smaller hearing aids now widely available have micro electronic parts that provide intensely complex functions that enable a hearing deficient person to hear in a normal fashion. The inner ear is responsible for transmitting and interpreting vibrations, nerve impulses and other complex hearing processes to signal the brain that then results in a person’s hearing of sound. Older hearing aid equipment didn’t satisfy many patients due to noise distortion that made hearing with a hearing aid difficult and frustrating.

Today, audiologists are able to offer much more comfortable and amazingly effective hearing aids designed to filter out those obnoxious background noises and distractions so the patient can hear without excess static and other undesirable things. Sussex Healthcare believes that most of their residents can greatly benefit from the spectacular audiology services that this well regarded care provider now is able to offer. These hearing specialists also test for tinnitus. Tinnitus is an inner ear imbalance that causes the person to hear buzzing or ringing constantly.

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Success career journey of Hussain Sajwani

In early 1980, that’s the time the interest in real estate started for Hussain Sajwani. He did not like how the construction business was being handled. He expected a certain quality of work that he never got. From being disappointed so many times, the Damac owner had an idea of a business idea that would give quality projects that would change the face of real estate and construction. Before the start of the Damac Company, he started small catering company that has grown. The company just launched with one customer in 1980, but now it caters to 200 projects, and for the meals, it serves 150000 meals in a day.

It has been a step to step growth for the Damac Company to what it is now a multi-million company. According to Hussain, they have been able to market themselves by the quality of work that they deliver. And it has given them the confident and attractive image they have now. With just starting with only one projects, now they have been trusted with so many other projects in so many parts of the country. Like in the Middle East, United States, Africa and other parts of Europe.

As a businessman, for him to be successful in the business he had to make a lot of friends in the network. One of his close friends being the current president of the United States Trump. The friendship did not start after Trump became the president but Hussain Sajwani family and Trump have been friends for a long time now. Since the Damac company has been able to oversee the success of so many projects, that when Trump became interested in having a close connection with the businessman so that they will be able to construct the luxurious golf field. That’s was the first project that the two have worked together, and it was a success.

Apart from the business connection, the friendship between Donald Trump and Sajwani is personal too. After the president win, Sajwani attended the inauguration, and the president even recognized his presence. The business tie would be most reliable and will not comprise the position of Donald Trump. Learn more:

Betsy DeVos Says She Will Fight For Students

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is a natural leader child advocate who has worked for decades to make the education system more equitable. Even before she graduated from Calvin College, DeVos had decided that she would use her political platform to further issues that she is passionate about.


Elisabeth Prince was born in 1959 to billionaire industrialist Edgar Prince and the former Elizabeth Broekhuizen. Although she had a privileged upbringing, she was always taught the value of hard work. A woman of faith, DeVos grew up in the Christian Reformed Church and is currently an elder of the Marble Hill Bible Church. DeVos has never minced words about her faith or religion and how it influences her political ideology.


Before assuming the role of Secretary of Education, she was an active participant in Republican politics for over 35 years. DeVos also spearheaded a number of educational initiatives within the state. She is a huge supporter of the voucher program and charter schools. DeVos say she is proud of being in the position to help others who are otherwise unable to help themselves.


DeVos also worked side by side with her husband and served a chairwomen of Windcrest Group.


Her husband is Richard “Dick” DeVos is son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos. The couple has four adult children. They are widely known for their generous philanthropy and scholarship programs for students who want to go to college.


After serving for 16 years as a Michigan precinct delegate, DeVos served as chairwomen of the Michigan Republican Party for 5 years. When her husband launched a bid in 2006 to unseat incumbent Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, papers described her as Granholm’s worst nightmare. She was highly-touted for her fundraising and behind-the-scenes organizational skills.


During the 2016 Presidential election, she was a supporter of Marco Rubio. After Donald Trump’s win, she was at the top of list of appointment as Secretary of Education. She came with the seal of approval from Mitt Romney and Vice President Mike Pence.


DeVos’ nomination was confirmed on Jan. 19, 2017. She says she will remain a committed advocate for education.


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Roberto Santiago, the legendary Brazilian entrepreneur.

Roberto Santiago is one of the most prominent Brazilian-based businessmen, having made considerable investments in his Manaira shopping mall. The Manaira Shopping Mall is in Joao Pessoa. Starting out his career, Roberto worked as a blogger who wrote about the history of his country. He holds an undergraduate degree in business administration.

The Manaira Shopping Mall

Having acquired the necessary knowledge in business administration while at the university, he developed an interest in building a haven which would house leisure, sales, and tours all under one roof.

The land on which the massive mall stands was bought in the year 1987 and wasting no time, Roberto had the mall up and running barely two years later. The mall houses all sorts of facilities ranging from theaters all the way to clothing stores as well as gaming spaces.

Domus hall is located on the mall’s rooftop and opened on 2009. The grand size of the mall makes it a suitable location for events with many people such as fairs. It can accommodate approximately 14,000 individuals; 10,000 standing and 4,000 sitting.

Its convenience has seen the Domus hall attract performances from Brazil and beyond as it is soundproof and air-conditioned. In addition to that, it has got two story structures that have individual cabins for those who require privacy and the other part acts as the ground floor for the main event.

Numerous activities associated with entertainment take place at the Manaira shopping mall, just to mention the movie theater that offers the latest movies. In the years 2008, 2012 and 2014, the food court at Manaira shopping mall went through specific changes that allowed for more eating stores at different prices.


These changes led to the introduction of fast foods as well as high-end dining places. Santiago’s shopping mall is home to people from all over the planet as it has got sports gear, furniture stores, clothes stores, bookstore, jewelry, cosmetics and much more to offer.

The mall is also home to the Paraiba College of high education. Due to the presence of the college, there are many students and faculty members around the mall.

The Mangeira Shopping Mall

Besides Manaira shopping mall, Roberto Santiago also owns another mall known as the Mangeira mall which he constructed in the year 2013. The building of the Mangeira mall, as well as the Manaira mall, has affected the economic lives of the residents of Joao Pessoa in a very positive way.

Many corporations have therefore moved to Joao Pessoa, leaving the residents with many options in regards to the economic and social aspects.

The Manaira shopping mall has grown to become the largest mall in Paraiba state and one of the largest malls in Brazil.


Buying Great Looking Clothes From Fabletics Guilt Free

Many people love to look good and wear the clothes they like. They also like to know where to find the clothes that they enjoy wearing. However, there are a few aspects of the business that need to be addressed other than the products and the services offered. One issue is how the clothes are made. If there are tons of issues with how the clothes are made which include adverse effects on the environment and horrid work conditions, then the customer is going to find himself in a really awkward position. If he pays for the clothes he likes, then he is actually paying for the business practices of the company as well.


Fabletics understand this dilemma all too well. One thing that they understand is that not every customer is going to be swayed by the products. Some customers are going to decide that the favorite products are not worth the lack of ethics of a company. This is one thing that Kate Hudson has thought about from the beginning. She has taken the time to come up with a business model that ensures that the clothes are created in the most humane and sustainable manner. This means that the content that makes the clothes is not causing problems with the environment.


One of the common dilemmas that people are faced with when buying unique stylish clothing is that they have to deal with the pricing. Often times, these unique pieces of clothing cost. However, there is often a point when they come across a store that sells these items for less. However, they often learn a lot about why these items are inexpensive. For one thing, the company cuts corners. Fabletics on the other hand uses a subscription business model in order to save customers money. Fabletics also runs promotions and lets their members in on the activity so that they can save even more money on the items they want. Fabletics is also good for sending free outfits to customers based on their preferences. Therefore, even though they have to pay for membership, they are given a lot for their membership.

Sawyer Howitt, The Millennials Entrepreneur

Nowadays the general consensus among the baby boomer generation is that millennials tend to be more laid back and unproductive. Sawyer Howitt is perfect evidence against that notion.

As a senior of Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon, Howitt has already achieved more success before his 20’s than most baby boomers did when they were 35. In todays technological advances and the freedom and creativity that young people have, Howitt has found his place among business entrepreneurs. With only a passion for customer service and a belief, he’s made a statement for young business owners everywhere.

Sawyer Howitt believes in the idea that a company should have a soul. A single, clear message to consumers and employees alike. As cheesy as it may sound, business legend Steve Jobs had a similar view. Jobs said in an interview with, “It is important that you, as the owner or manager, have defined the proper experience for your customers. And it’s equally important that your employees consistently deliver that experience.” And it seems Howitt is doing the same, for a living. The older generations have come to see the value in communicating with customers on a more personal level and are now looking toward millennials to do this for them. Howitt’s first success at this was when he joined as a project manager to the Meriwether Group in Portland, Oregon, before he even graduated high school.

He has shown exceptional people and technological skills and has brought them together to help companies deliver the best customer service they ever have. Howitt plans on continuing his education at University of California, Berkeley, pursuing their Entrepreneur Finance degree. Howitt has not only set himself apart from the rest with his success at his young age but he also wishes to spread his knowledge to others his age who plan to become business owners as well. In an article by, his key advice for prospective business owners are outlined. The most important of which are perseverance, endurance, and people skills.

Find The Right Attorney For Your Issue

Recently, did an article that gave good ideas about how find a good lawyer. When looking for a lawyer in New York, it is wise to find a trusted professional who can handle issues such as the following: criminal problems, landlord-tenant issues, or issues with child custody. The best way to look for that professional is through The New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service. This is an online portal that gives individuals the opportunity to find a good lawyer. If an individual prefers, they can use their telephone and get that exact same service.


Quite often, it is a stressful situation that leads to the search for legal services. The New York State Bar Association wants to make the process of finding a trusted lawyer efficient and stress-free. Individuals can be sure that they will be connected with a helpful attorney who has had their credentials reviewed by The Bar Association of New York. An individual only has to go to the site and answer some confidential questions about their issues in their location. The association will review their responses and match them up with a lawyer who is nearby. The referral for the system is free and there is only a $35 fee for the first 30 minute consultation with the lawyer.


This Bar Association referral system has been helping people for the last 35 years, and the New York State Bar Association is the largest volunteer State Bar Association in the entire country.


Jeremy Goldstein is a New York State based attorney. His firm is called Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. Jeremy Goldstein is the individual who is the chair of The Mergers and Acquisitions Committee and The American Bar Association Business section. Jeremy Goldstein is a graduate from the New York University Law School and the University of Chicago. Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in some of the largest corporate transactions in the last 10 years. Jermey Goldstein has gone to court with such big names as AT&T, Bank of America, Duke energy, and JP Morgan Chase. Jeremy Goldstein is an individual who believes in fighting for his clients rights, and he and his firm do not stop until they are able to help their clients to get the justice that they deserve.

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Talk Fusion CEO -Reaches New Audience with the Huff Post

Bob Reina, Founder and CEO of the video marketing company Talk Fusion, was yet again able to reach out to a new target audience, with not one but two articles published with the Huffington Post, and Huff Post this week. Within the two articles entitled “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience” and “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters” he was able to give valuable business advice to millions. With this advice he believes that it will help people achieve their personal and business objectives by using this information in their everyday lives. Huff Post, Editor in Chief Lydia Polgreen believes that contributors such as Bob Reina will give their readers new insight from contributors whose stories may be left untold. Learn more:


Talk fusion is a video marketing company established in 2007 that specializes in bringing people together in a more personal way. Winners of two distinguished new product awards in 2016 they have broken the mold when it comes to video technology in the workplace. Bob Reina, started the company in 2007 with just one product, video email and since then has broadened it’s product line with a full spectrum of face-to-face marketing tools. At Talk Fusion you are able to have a risk-free trial of the their products for 30 days before you decide to purchase, with no obligation and no required credit card purchase. Learn more:


Talk Fusion brings new video platforms to life with an all in one video marketing package that includes, video chat, live meetings hosted by live broadcasting software, video newsletters and video email. With all of their successes they are giving back to the community through donations to several private donations and charitable organizations.


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